Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pics of New Color

Well, here are pics of my new hair color. Other than the absence of grey, it's probably hard to notice the difference in these pics. But I love it, especially since my locs have been repaired - whew! There are a few more pics on my Fotki.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Color Update

It's taken me so long to post this mainly because I wanted to have pics to go along with my (sort of sad) story. I don't as of yet, but here's the lesson I learned.

I'm 8 mo. SL'd and was somewhat determined to color my hair because I found the location of my grey patches annoying. In my defense, I did do a little footwork and at one point thought I would wait, but somewhere along the way, I felt good about it, so I did it. My consultant also gave me the okay, as long as I colored very close to my next retightening session. Well let me tell you, I won't be coloring my hair again anytime soon, definitely not in 2007 and probably not until we're well into 2008, if then!! Oh the color came out beautifully. I used Clairol Textures & Tones Cocoa Brown (a color I've used several times in the past on my permed hair). But the slippage wasn't pretty at all. To say I was distressed is an understatement. At one point when I thought I was trying to separate locks, I was actually in the middle of an almost totally slipped lock! The good news, if there's any to be had, is that the slippage that occurred was only in the back of my head, the locs in front held up just fine. The other good news was that after leaving my consultant a message that our retightening session was probably going to take a bit longer and why, she left word for me not to worry and that she was sure she'd be able to fix everything. When I got there and she had a look she still felt that way. She said that some of them were indeed worse than others, but all in all she'd seen worse. I wasn't so concerned that she wouldn't be able to get me back on track (she's awesome), but I wondered how much I'd delayed the locking process. In any case, I'm okay now, all retightened, love my color and have learned my lesson. If you ever see me posting about coloring my hair before Spring 2008 without my consultant's permission, please come and find me.

I know we all have different hair and locking experiences, but perhaps my experience will be helpful to another eager-beaver SL-er deciding to color or not at this stage.

Right, let's start in the Middle

Well, I know it's strange to start this blog in the middle. Notice I didn't say "my" blog because I don't know if I'll ever make it back here for an update. But if and when I do, I promise to organize it so that it will somehow start at the beginning. In the meantime, read on to find out about my SL Color near disaster!!