Monday, November 26, 2007

Almost a Year

On December 8, 2007 (less than 2 weeks) I will have had my Sisterlocks for one whole year! Other than a couple of (mostly self-imposed) blips on my SL radar screen, I've been in heaven with my decision. I've had to get accustomed to some facts about my natural hair, but that has been part of the journey for me and, as my locks progress, I'll learn and have more to accept and love about my hair. I always think thrice about saying "never", so I will just say that no one would be more surprised than me if I ever turned back from Sisterlocks to ... do what? Go back to a relaxer? I definitely don't have a "soap box" mentality against relaxers, but my choice to use them kept me in salons for hours, much of it spent waiting and waiting, and enduring poor customer service. Thank God those days are behind me and they don't ever have to be part of my future! To a TWA? Well, been there, done that and very much enjoyed it during those times of my life. But my hair has always been naturally long and I'm not feeling the TWA lately. Actually, I'd have probably never gone the TWA route had I found an easier way to take care of my thick, long and natural hair. So, just for today, if ease, freedom and mad versatility is what I want, I can't think of any other style that would make me want to leave my SLs. Okay, back to the present -- I decided to create this post so that I could compare pics of my SLs from "the early days" up until now.

2-month retightening
These two are at about 3 mos. I'm glad that I took the close up "scalpy" shots. It helps me to see the amount of my natural hair that is actually in the SL pattern (my consultant put my relaxed hair in the pattern too, just for continuity, and I'm so glad that she did because I don't have tangling issues, etc. to deal with).

These are from my (before/after) retightening last Wed (Thanksgiving eve).
Okay, my locs have definitely thickened up (I really thought they never would!) even though they are still not yet fully settled (sigh ... even after a year). Actually, I'm going to say that they look full and luscious!! And, although I started with a good amount of length, I can tell that I've had some more growth. The last time my hair was wet, my locs (in the back) stretched down to the top of my bra strap. Finally I can really enjoy my length, carefree!!

Lastly, while I didn't plan this by design, I'll get to *celebrate* my 1-year SL anniversary on the same day as the Charlotte SL gathering -- December 8th - yay! I look forward to having some fun pics to post that weekend.