Saturday, February 28, 2009

Charlotte Sisterlock-ers (or not) Update

Well, the day arrived and we had a mighty fine turnout. There were 11 of us -- Sisterlocked, soon to be locked, and natural hair, *BEAUTIFUL* sistahs in the house. Some came as far as Durham (wow, that made us feel REALLY good!).

Some from other states (SC in the house!) ...

Even sistahs who were too far away to be there in person were there in spirit! Tonita and LocScrunchie each sent their spirits by way of giveaways. The generosity of these ladies really highlighted our celebration, and let me tell you, those items went fast! So fast, that I was only able to get a picture of these pair of earrings, courtesy of Tonita, that I managed to snag for myself.
Neither of these pics does these earrings any justice, but I thought I'd at least give it a try. Thank you Tonita and thank you LocScrunchie!! (LocScrunchie's giveaways actually got here just 1 day too late (darn, darn, darn), and I don't have the heart to open the box, because I might not want to send her goodies back if I do (smile). But again, just her thought of adding to our good time meant the world!)

But whether near or far, all brought a beautiful vibe to our gathering. It was so much fun to meet new SL-ers (new to us anyway - smile) ...

And to share exciting updates with others (Tonya (pink print) is a SL consultant in training!).

Check out these new babies! Installed by Syreeta (lady in lavender & grey striped shirt above).

Oh, and was I surprised and pleased-as-punch when I saw some of my favorite family members (who've asked to remain anonymous) in the house!
And the pièce de résistance -- the beauty of the locs all around!! You're probably thinking, "Who could ask for anything more?" Well, right about now I'm asking myself where are the rest of the pics that I snapped earlier today?!?!? I KNOW I took more ... Is it just me, or do I seem to always suffer some sort of "camera drama" at these events? Fortunately others took pics too, so jump over to LIU, cuz there's probably a posted link to more pics there. Or maybe there'll be a comment left here with a link to more pics.

Okay, I'll just get off of that and move right along into a shameless plug. BlackRussian is wearing the heck out of that Sassy Cap! Sassy Cap courtesy of MyCrochetPassion; cuteness courtesy of BlackRussian.

Yours truly had a very nice time, but had to cut it much too short because I was scheduled to teach a crochet class. Now you know I love little more than crochet, but I found it very difficult to tear myself away from these ladies.

So back to the "who could ask for anything more" question. When are we going to do this again?? Hopefully this spring? Stay tuned to my or BlackRussian's blog, we'll keep you posted!