Saturday, December 10, 2011

5 Year Anniversary

What have I been doing in the 2 years since posting my last update? Enjoying life and my Sisterlocks! I've had my share of "bunching" drama, a couple of haircuts and second thoughts, but as I celebrate 5 years of hair freedom (Dec 8), I'm so glad I hung in until I learned to accept my hair type and locs just the way they are. I absolutely love my hair and today I don't compare my locs to those of anyone else, except to say "yours are beautiful too!" To my sister-friend-loctitian and friends who loved and accepted my unique hair/locs until I could thoroughly do the same - thank you! To those of you just beginning this journey - hang in and enjoy every stage! To those further along the path than me, thanks for paving the way! Until now, I never had a "hairstyle" that helped me grow and change on the inside. Who knew? Dr. Cornwell, once again I salute you. Thank you for Sisterlocks, thank you for a way of life!